Hey there! Welcome to my world


My name is Maria Alejandra, I am a 26-year-old Colombian living in Miami. I started my company 2 and a half years ago while living in Bogotá, Colombia's capital.

I am starting this blog to tell you more about me, my new life in the USA, and the process of moving myself and my entire company to another country.

So, why did I start this company? I am a chocolate fan and have been my whole life. However, when I graduated high school, I was significantly above my normal weight due to eating too much and not exercising enough. When I moved to another city for college and started living alone, I began to learn more about healthy food. I discovered that I could eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

I became obsessed with chocolate and would eat an 85% cacao Lindt bar every day. Eventually, I realized that I could buy chocolate from Colombian manufacturers which was much better than Lindt.

At the time, I was studying economics, which I hated. One day, I decided to follow my dreams, quit college, and begin my chocolate journey.

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